Friday, November 14, 2014


MMmmmm simple aja the outfit....
I used his black vest.... 
cut the felt paper for the sleeves
felt paper to extend the vest down..
Red felt paper with orange ribbon for the 'scarf' tied around the waist
Spend RM1.80/m for the flurry feathers to be sewn around the sleeves and the tshirt

jahit jelujur aja...

velcro... senang bukak balik jelujur nih nnt

As for the shoes i used felt paper
It's kinda colorful but it's ok
Believe it or not.. i did not draw the layout cutting for the shoes..
i just cut....
as long as I could make it pointed
i had also used the velcro to act as a zipper behind the shoes...
then... letakkan aja atas any shoes... using double sided tape :D

Dah siap baju mummy pun nak lah pakai kat dia.. dia punya meraung nanges... huhuhu
But luckily he was willing to wear them once we reached the hall...

With the babysitter n d bday gal kak piya

The Happening Clown

Best tau!!

To Kak Piya... Hepi Bday :D

Best giler

Wanna see Kristoff doing chicken dance...

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