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Sunday, May 4, 2014

1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe

Much to the dismay of the Vatican, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in
Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara. Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000,
the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus
was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet.

1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In AweThe book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”.
The book also claims that Jesus ascended to
heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified
in his place.

A report by The National Turk says that the Bible
was seized from a gang of smugglers in a
Mediterranean-area operation.

The report states the gang was charged with
smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives.
The books itself is valued as high as 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars).
Man,where is the Thieves Guild, when you need them?


According to reports, experts and religious authorities in Tehram insist that the book is
original. The book itself is written with gold lettering, onto loosely-tied leather in Aramaic,
the language of Jesus Christ.

The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament's teachings of
Christianity. Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found
Islam 700 years later.

It is believed that, during the Council of Nicea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the
gospels that form the Bible as we know it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas
(among many others) in favor of the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John. Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea
and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially, seems to worry the Vatican.

The Catholic Church wants in

What does this mean to Christian-derived religions and their followers? Quite a tight spot.
The Vatican has asked Turkish authorities to let them examine the contents of the book
within the Church. Now that the book has been found, will they come to accept the it
and its evidence? Will they deny it altogether? Call it a “Muslim lie”, as did the “Truth”
Magazine, in 2000?

To many, this book is a beacon of hope, that believers soon realize that the object of their
adoration is arbitrary; and that all text, especially religious text, is subject to

What does this mean to atheists/agnostics/secular thinkers? Is the text real? Fake? Does it

Hopefully, this news inspires the religious to ask questions, instead of pointing fingers
or believing anything blindly.

Please, don't go poking fun or tossing around the “I told you so!”s. The biggest danger of
faith is when people believe what they want to believe, defending against any and all
evidence; especially when that evidence revolutionizes their foundation from the ground
up. And the biggest culprit to that danger is the ego trap: rejecting/criticizing others, 
for being unlike you.

For centuries, the “defense” of blind faith has driven nations to war, violence,
discrimination, slavery and to become the society of automatons that we are today;
and for just as long, it has been justified with lies. If you know better, act like it.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Feeling a bit disturb the whole night. Luckily my sis came with hubby.... their presence cheered me up even though they were here for they feared for their life..... rumah kena masuk pencuri.... then maybe terjumpa suspek pencuri... Haiish kalau I pun terbayang cam ada orang nak rompak rumah setiap masa.... Lagi la pulak lepas dia cerita pasal ada kenalan dia yang kena rompak pastu pistul kena acu kat kepada.....

B1s called from hometown in the middle of the night.  He sounded sad.  Something was disturbing his mind and I hope it was not me......

To I may be bad but I do not wanna hurt people ... to remind me that I had something just to remind about it myself here.

Tapi teringat kata kawan.... kalau susah hati.... cakap dengan sesiapa pun tak guna... ALLAH KAN ADA.....

Teringat juga kata seseorang insan jangan beritahu orang lain tentang kemaafan yang kita buat sesama orang lain.... I bukannya apa... cuma nak ingatkan diri kita perlu dimaafkan dan memaafkan.   Kita bagai kain putih tanpa dosa ketika dilahirkan .. tetapi apabila dewasa banyak juga dosa telah kita lakukan sesama insan lain dan juga Allah sama ada sengaja sedar atau tidak tersembunyi mahupun yang terbuka.  Bagusnya Islam tak ada konsep dosa kita terus dimaafkan otomatik dan terus masuk syurga hanya disebabkan ada konsep nabi penanggung dosa umat... Jadi keperibadian individu adalah tanggungjawab individu.  Jadi tentulah rasa terhina jika tahu aib diri ini.....

Post ini sebagai muhasabah diri..... kerana hati ini tak tenteram..... terasa cam telah menganiaya diri

"Ya Tuhan kami, Kami telah menganiayai diri kami sendiri dan jika Engkau tidak mengampuni kami dan memberi rahmat kepada kami niscaya kami termasuk dalam orang-orang yang rugi (Al A'araf 23)

DAN ingatlah.... aniaya paling besar adalah MENYEKUTUKAN ALLAH.


My feelings in this blog is genuine and is all from what i feel and think.. i may be self centered but i try to arrange my words in order not to hurt other people's feelings.... due to this matter a few postings and pictures would be deleted to respect the living and the dead.

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