Monday, February 24, 2014


Who does not like buying cheap original product? Angkat tangan!! Obviously we like original products but with more affordable prices kannn. Mysale pun jual barang ori jugak.. Among barang yang biasa dijual.. Coach, Le Creuset, Adidas, dll.  Tapi ada banyak jugak brand yang tak familiar dia jual.... cth Mimi chica...Yal NY, rebel Spirit, Worship separates ... dan tah apa apa lagi. Unfamiliar brands would definitely would not be my choice.
Personally I have bought a few products from Mysale... including toys.  Among the things i bought were the
Fossil Watch (bought for RM180 free delivery)... Cupcake 3tier stands(RM15-20), and Chuggington diecasts (RM50) and Chuggington Carry Case (RM40). All came safely and were in good condition. The most important is that what i bought were cheaper here... I tried to make surveys to compare the prices at the mall.

With his Chuggington diecast and the chuggington Video

So today as usual I had my online window shopping and notice this toy.... my friend gave LHA this and I know it was only for RM60 (Dia beli depan I) BUT IT IS RM117 after the actual price RM411 !!!!! This is really too much... The kitchen can easily fall apart and is not sturdy at all. The tap can is so lousy for it could detach from the 'sink' easily.... HOW COULD THE PRICE START FROM RM411 puzzled me!! (Sebenarnya tak lah puzzel sangat pasal depa tentu nak tipu kita yang depa kononnya bagi good discounts...) Kan... obviously they simply put the so called actual price and the amount of discounts they slashed to give you the impression how much u could save....

Is it the SAME!!!!!

 If i had extra RM.. I'd definitely buy for him this.... Little Tikes Kitchen set...

the exact one at Citta Mall playground...

With better quality faucet... hahaha 

Bila tgk harga cam nih i rasa I pun boleh buat online biz.... lagi murah dr mysale... Kan Kan Kan....

Apa-apa pun I just wanna share that whatever u buy online u have to be careful ...  i like mysale.. but i'd rethink recheck and compare the prices elsewhere too...

Be smart :D


Rose Azadir said...

yup, kalau beli brg on9 mmg kena extra careful..anyway Assalamualaikum…saya blogwalking kat sini. Jemput datang ke blog saya yer . Saya follow sini n kalau sudi follow la saya balik yer…

Mysale Admin said...

Dear All,

We admin we apologize for late delivery and the state in which the item arrived. Please do drop us a message on our Facebook page if there is anything that we could help assist you with. Thanks :-)

JEANNE LEE said...

I recently bought a watch online thru mysale, my order supposed to arrive on 2nd Feb 2015, so i wrote to them to ask about my order and until i always get this message from them Thanks for your contact message, I'm sorry to see that you are without your parcel.

Today I have lodged an inquiry with our courier for the consignment number 8203846615.

We expect for the investigation to take up to 5 business days to complete. The case investigator will be in touch with us within this time frame with an update.

As soon as we hear from them, our team will be in contact with you.

Warm Regards,
Member Relations

Can you tell what i should I do?

Pls help.

Ms Lee

David C.L. Hii said...

Hi Ms Lee,

May I know what happened to your case?

I am facing the same situation now. Watch never arrived and I have been getting that same message everytime I asked.

Appreciate if you could enlighten.


David C.L. Hii

Anonymous said...

I'been purchase from mysale since early of this year when discover this web accidently.

What happen is, all of my purchases (i think 3 or 4 times) all received successfully on time or some of them early that tentative date give. some also received later few days than the date given but no problem for me.

Recently I order intimates lingerie, however due to misleading advertisement, I only received item in 1 pc (instead I assume I should receive in 1 pair = 2 pcs). Then I lodge my report to Mysale team. They responded in 2 days time & they give me option either to return all the items or they can refund 50% from my purchase & I keep the item. So, thats it.

All these while what I heard abt bad review on Mysale, to me is unfair for Mysale.

For those buyer can compare price from elsewhere. I we think price at Mysale is expensive, dont buy. Thats all, simple as first.


Anonymous said...

Kalau dah beli redha je lah dengan pembelian kalau nk senang aqad je lah belinye..bkn ini biasa terjadi ke bila2 kita beli kita akan jumpe tmpat lain lagi murah lg dari kita beli. Sy rasa x adil lah nk judge mysale gitu kn? lagipon dah bbrp item yg akak beli dan smua nya berbaloi x dgn harga yg akak keluarkan? heee..sekadar pendapat saya yg 20sen ni..nama pon bisnes akak oi..sape x nk untung dkn business..

Hanim Salleh said...

tak beli pun .... terperasan ada yg miss... so ta rugi apa2 pun. cuba sekadar peringatan... mysale jam murah... kalau brand leapfrog or plantoys memang tak berbaloi... tp chunggington toys murah.... takut gak kalau terbeli harga berbeza beratus untuk barangan yang tak seberapa kualiti.. nak redho tu payah gak kan ? hihihi cuma tulah.. tanggungjawab penjual tentu ada... takkan nak support penjual yang rakus nak mendapatkan keuntungan rakus.. so kita pengguna kena sedar akan kuasa kita sebagai pembeli.... pendapat my 20sen duit mesia (harga sen dah jatuh)

yusriyusof said...

Beli guna debit kad boleh ke??da try purchase x lepas

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