Monday, October 15, 2012


Ini gambor dia pinjam baju convo orang lain

Mamanoe panjat Kinabalu

We are so looking forward to attend mamanoe's convocation.  It would definitely be among our most important dates in our life.  As for me... I'd be there as Abah's ....  to be his eyes, to have his feelings, to be the proudest person in the family.

Yesterday, mamanoe gave us her good news.... once I received the sms... i just could not help the tears from flowing. I could not help myself to be Abah. I could not help myself picturing him having his eyes filled with tears, mouth shivering and to be lost of words..... 
Congratz dear for the Vice Chancellor Award. Susah tu nak dapat... but for what eh ??? (Teringat la pulak surat Petronas bagi to info we all yg pointer adikku sorangnih turun) kakakkaka.... You must have done something great and made UTP proud :D  - yup she called UTP and they said tht it is a secret :D

So we thought that we were going on Saturday.. but now we must be there on Saturday morning itself.  Tapi kesian Assoliehin tak boleh masuk....

Apa-apa pun dear... we'll be there!!!!

The  proudest mak abah

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