Monday, June 11, 2012


Assoliehin loves this toy so much!! His attention span playing and cooing is longer than the FP's.  Notice the green leaves? The leaves would turn so that the eyes of the cute animals would make contact with the baby's. There are 4 different songs.. my fav is bach's :D  Musics beats range from calming to happy beat. U can choose the song to run for 40 mins. So tak payah lah sibuk ke cot dok adjust tekan2 button. Plus it has a remote control.. :D 

The colorful animals are so cute... even adults love them :D Since we have the baby's cot next to our bed, we too njoyed looking at the mobile.... sampai tertido :D


Anonymous said...

Salam kak, sy tertarik dgn blog akak. Nama sy nadya dan dah hampir 2 tahun bkahwin belum ade rezeki chaya mata lg. sy nk tanye akak berjaya conceive after iui process ke? Brp ye harga iui? Sy da buat hsg, amik clomid for the 5th cycle. Ape lg process akak go thru until bjaya dpt rezeki chya mata ni?

Hanim Salleh said...

alhamdulillah nadya... akk buat iui tp pregnant bukan dengan iui tp acupuncture.. kt acupuncturist tu womb akk sejuk... bacalah cerita acupuncture akk :D semoga nadya pun berjaya nnt. insyaAllah

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