Saturday, May 26, 2012



Used 3 only... and gave away 2 cards to
'do not know who'

 Q at 8.10 am.. not that many yet
Inside at 8:30am... the crowd started to get bigger and bigger

Our Estee Lauder Ambassador

For Ummie Hakeem

Unlike previous years.. we did not wake up as early as 3 am to be there by 4 am :D

We arrived at Crowne Plaza at 8 am. I dropped my sisters and parked my car at Menara cosway. I could not park at the hotel for it was full due to the excessive compulsive estee lauder's fan jamming the area.... (tak jam pun sebenarnya). The parking rate at Menara Cosway was cheaper compared to the hotel rate. I paid RM3.50 aja... and hotel's parking was for RM10. 

My sisters managed to enter the hall first... and i had to wait around 15-20 mins for my turn.  While Q'ing alone I saw my colleague went shopping with someone else ... I could not say hi for she was quite far from me...

I bought lesser compared to previous years..... :D (I am happy for myself ). However i could not get the lipsticks i wanted. The sold lipgloss only.

When we were about to go home... Sis discovered that her makeup set did not have the lipstic and lip gloss as promised.. we went back to change.. an she managed to get a new one.   

Now dah ngantuk (sleepy.......................................................zzz)

The overall trip to the warehouse sales was a breeze.. right after the warehouse sales... we went to Pasar Karat at Shah Alam. It was a pasar tani and the crown was big usha tudung there. I managed to get for baby an Islamic story book. The price was for 60 and bought that for RM32. I will definitely come back for more!!!

Ok lah...sirius... I need to sleep now ...zzzzzzzzzzz

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