Thursday, February 9, 2012


Banyak jugak event 34 weeks nih :D

34 weeks check-up (See Ayah's letter to Doc Siti)
First of all the appointment with my dear doc cantik.. I put on 3 kgs and the baby around 500g. I do have symptoms of preterm labor and thus the due date is now end of February or beginning of March instead of 20th Mac.

Can you see the baby's face? It was clear on the doc's screen. Nampak lah the cheeks... nose... eyes....
Dah bolat da dia... :D Semoga membesar sebagai anak yang soleh yer sayang :D

Masa checkup we pre-registered for the hosp admission as well... Ayah insisted to book for single bedded and mummy insisted for 4 bedded... Mummy tak sampai hati nak biar ayah bayar teruk2... kesian ayah....

Dieba entering MRSM
Next was Dieba's MRSM registration.  The registration was on the 8th of February.  Luckily her loving emotional kakak Nor (currently managing her well known grape plantation at kempas) was there to drive her to Muar.. Even Mak Long (Abah's sister) sent her to school.  Kak Ida had to stay at home taking care of our beloved tok. Alhamdulillah... everything went well. Dieba had all  the forms downloaded and filled up. Surprisingly there were students who were not aware of those forms especially the scholarship application form. The due date to hand in the form would be next week only.. I really hoped that their parents had time to get the forms ready by then... kesian depa. It seemed that Dieba got a great room.. The room was  for the hostel exco's .. so canggih lah sikit kan :D  4 in a room pulak tu!! kat university pun kami 4 in a room! When i was in SHAH PEKAN... we were cramped up in a dorm of 20 hooligans :D  The management for the registration day was well managed BUT abah an mak were not really satisfied with the information they got before the registration and thus a few things were not prepared for Dieba. First was the uniform. MRSM has 3 different school uniforms... cream, blue and white. Cream color for mon and tues, blue for wed and thurs while white for friday. They have different outfits for outing and special functions. La... so Dieba's school uniform was not enough. Worried mak went to buy some materials and baju kurung for Diba ysesterday.  Sorang-sorang mak jalan carik kain. kesian pulak dengar... but as usual... Mak sounded so happy and please to get good quality material with good bargain :D

Everyone missing Dieba
Everyday I would call home... and I noticed the the air of mood had changed... Kak  Nor nanges2 first day for not having any one to bully :D I called her siap sengau2 lagik suara... Hahahahah!!! I called again today and Abah admitted that even he was unhappy about the new environment :D (BUT HE SOUNDED SO HAPPY INFORMING ME ABOUT THE SHARES HE BOUGHT AND SOLD) Abah kata "Dah tak ada orang abah nak buli marah-marah. Abah slalu gurau dengan dia walaupun reaction dia memang menakutkan. Mak pulak dah tak jerit2 nak kejut kan dia sembahyang... Abah pun dah tak dengar Nor gado ngn Diba pasal komputer. Dah senyap dah rumah nih..."

Students' Visit
My dear ex student Daniel Chong and brother who was also my exstudent, Matthew, came with their mother.  They came with a big gift for baby SK :D Thanks dear... Even after 8 years leaving SMKTS they still remember me ... And I would always remember them too... student yang baik ramai... tapi student yang rapat - sikit.. :D I felt so touched when Daniel gave me his business card.... dah kerja dah budak nih :D

Besides the Chong's family, My Dear Adibah pun datang jugak :D Giving me happy news .... Diba dean list for 2 semesters  :D

It was fun to have them visiting me... we shared stories ... we laughed... took photos...

I feel great seeing them matured and growing fine as a young man or a lady.... baik budi bahasa... yang nakal pun jadik baik... :D

Madam Chong, me, Mathew, Daniel :D
(Good looking Chaps ... Mak dia kata...depa still available :D)

Fida's B'day (BFF)
My best friend Fida is celebrating her birthday today....
I wished to get her... (us actually) this :D

From Laura Daddy's maccaroon...(sajer buat gambar besak pasal
nak bagi readers kecuk air liuk)

Since I am not around, she is now jamba- jimbaing with Az :D

Hehehehehe :D

So Happy Bday dear... semoga dipanjangkan umor dan dimurahkan rexki..Amiin :D

Abah just got to know that I was on long leave...... and his first remark was..."HAHAHAHAH...makin gemok lah anim!!" Heheheheh... I am pretty sure that he could not believe his eyes when he saw me during his last visit to KL last year.. :D

That''s all for now :D


LoVEaQshA said...

turn sy esk plak cehckup,leh tgk bby ag~hihihi
best kn lau salu dpt tgk progress bby..lst wk sy wat scan 4D alhai geram jer tgk bby wat mcm2 aksi..

Hanim Salleh said...

mmm akk nak wat jugak 4D...entah bila lah dapat... tgk yang biasa nih dah geram...lagi lah oulak 4D kan.. ?harapnya esok dapat lah suami akak dibodek...:D

yannie bunny said...

kaknem, u went to SHAH PEKAN? Omaigod! pls tell me its not true. I went there too!!!

when i saw shah pekan, everything else in the same sentence became blurry. hahahah.

Hanim Salleh said...

heheheheh,,,, akk 1st batch :D tp keluar masa form 3 pasal rindu kat mak abah ... (abah akk yg macam bagi hint suruh akk balik) ... yannie batch mana? yannie super junior akk nih :D kawan 1st batch akk pun dah 2 org gi jmp dr lin :D

kirana nakia said...


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