Sunday, February 5, 2012


The food galore: I tak masak pun.....


My Sayang's secretaries.... hero-hero secretaries tak datang plak
They are very efficient.

Shereena and mom Annie: penyumbang terbasar barang2 SK
Thanks dearz

Apa yang penting...kerjasama...

Ayah in action too... Annie as the supervisor

4 men fixing SK's cot

Lega, Eliz, Prema

After fixing - movie hour

Salam maulidurrasul semua...
Semoga kita sentiasa di bawah lembayung Allah dan mendapat syafaatNya dan Raasullulah.. InsyaAllah

Hari ini juga Sayang partner's and staffs datang... 2 orang ajer tak datang dan yang lain datang ngan BF lagi :D

I tak masak pun...  but they brought the food... sedap... David cooked mutton curry siap ngan bone marrow. Eliz cater makanan daripada makcik Indon nya... Air pun disponsor... memang i tak masak apa-apa pun air pun tak buat.

My husband's staffs were so good. I just showed the the place for the the kitchen utensils and crockeries and they did they rest from serving to cleaning. In fact, the kitchen was cleaner when they left... All the left over food was kept in the fridge and was distributed among them.  Makanan memang melacak giler...

They came for they were so happy to know that I am finally pregnant. They just got to know about it last december.  Pandai btul partners Sayang simpan secret.

Today they brought SK's cot. Still in good condition walaupun ada 2 batang patah :D but for me the condition is still tip top. Buat apa nak membazir kan... it is a solid wood cot comes with a good condition mattress and cot bumper. Annie promised to give the mosquito net as well. :D All the men helped to assemble the cot... Thanks David :D

Seeing them together made me feel so proud of Sayang for being able to handle a small firm.  They seemed to be so happy chit chatting and teasing each other. i believed that the partners have managed to create a very positive environment for the staffs.... jealous jugak I. Once Sayang realised how heavy the work was for that month he decided to just give angpow to everyone!! RM200 sorang! Bukan bonus yer... tapi sajer sajer nak bagi. To say thank you to the boss, the staffs bough me a cute teddy bear (yang m enjadi rebutan anak buah I akhirnya)

They are loving people... 100% Indians with different religious backgrounds.  Kalau sayang sakit they'll make sure everyone will visit him EVERYDAY!!!

They were there for Sayang since the first day Sayang work with F&S, PJ
(Sayang cam kidnap all the  legal advisors frm d firm :D )

Apa-apa pun thanks guys...
U made my day :D

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