Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Malu jugak lah I nak tunjuk surat nih kat Dr Siti.  Tersipu2 masa bagi surat nih...... BUT he is so sweet

Penat dia buat karangan last night :D I told him that doc dah cakap semuanya before this... BUT dia kata... "Your condition is getting worse..."

I showed the letter to Dr Siti and at the same time i called him for he too insisted that he wanted to talk to her personally. Dia serik kot coz before this I screwed myself up for being panic when seeing the doc alone. I went totally blank when I heard the doc told about my condition and thus I could not be able to tell him what the doc had said.... tp nanges ajer... Hehheheheh..

So today to pacify him, the doc did CTG scan on me to check the baby's movements and contractions. memang ada a bit abnormal here and there but overall semua ok... nothing to worry

The scanner: I could hear the baby's heart beat for 1/2 an hour

Any movement ... just press this button

The reader... the paper gets longer...

Cover letter to endorse my mc

Sayang Ayah SK sorang nie... muah muah muah :*

Oh yer... ada gambar scan SK... kat screen it was so clear... tp print tak sangat...

Nampak lah his nose..eyes...cheeks... kalau wat 4D mesti nampak lagi best

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