Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As usual... the normal routine :D We were the first to see Dokter Cantik... (Pasal ranking nih penting kalau jumpa Dr Siti... Memang slalu banggalah kalau dapat 1st.. pasal patient dia ramai!!)

Then pergi CTG scan lagi today.... gave the slip to Doc Cantik. From the scan it showed that I had contraction every 15 minutes... 3 contractions masa 1/2 an hour scan.... letak aje ctg dah ada... tengah2 scan ada.. power pulak tu... then nak end pun ada jugak... Nurse who attended me came when I had the contraction realised that too... "mmm akk ada contraction nih.."

Doc cantik kata... "Come to hospital when U have it for every 5 mins, when u see the mucus plg or bleeding or when your water breaks.. I'd be around after 6th of March. "  So harapnya baby keluar lepas tu eh ....

En enquired about the stem cells too... but the doc advised us to buy the insurance for the baby.  We wanted to donate the stemcells but again she said that donation is only at the government hospitals and if I wanted to donate it I have to be delivered there. So terbatallah niat....

Today again we went to Mydear warehouse  sales to change the mattress... Tak ramai orang pun. Sempat paw Papa beli 2 ala-ala busha pants for baby. A bit expensive...RM10 maybe pasal dia gap brand kot.  tak amik pun the nursing pillow coz my MIL said that Linda has it and will give it to me.  Bagus juga tu... besar nursing pillow nih... makan space kalau nak menyimpan. Sempat jugak snap a few photos....

Stroller yg paling mahal!!!
dalam 50% less

RM699 jadik RM283.... ada sesapa nmak sponsor??

So to all mummies ...... offer masih ada spai hari ahad nih.... :D


ummiluqman@azma said...

salam kenal.

murah murah juga dan kualiti pun ok.
bestkan shopping brg baby ni hehe

btw, kalau minat tudung boleh la dtg blog saya

terima kasih

Hanim Salleh said...

ok...menarik nih!!! :D

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