Monday, February 27, 2012


We have decided to use cloth diapers for our junior. What say you? Mind to share your experiences?

Why we do we choose to use CD and not DD?
It started from papa who was eager to buy things for SRK.  He interviewed his friends and our mothers.  Mothers' advice is always the best and they advised us to use CD and not DD.  My mom advised him not to burden the cleaners and the environment. My MIL said... this way is so much cheaper and we could save more.....

Interviewing friends did not really help for they preferred to use DD.  However, their points were relevant too. Most of them would say that DD was easier to handle and their babysitters preferred to use DD. 

Eager to use CD, we surveyed a few online shops and managed to find 2 affordable online sellers.

Baby Syok product : high quality but yet cheap.
The more u buy the cheaper you'd get :D

Cute printed CDs

Expensive but good in quality too
The Econappy Insert. It looks bulky for the baby.
Must try on SRK 1st..

So we bought SRK's CDs from 3 different sellers.  The first set was the MyEcoNappy that we bought from Marmours at OneUtama.  We bought the so called Ecopack which was expensive; a set of 3 cd covers with 7 bamboo inserts (3  layers) for RM294!!  I could buy 10 bamboo CDs with 20 bamboo inserts from our preferred online seller!  I guess that the price was so expensive due to the so called technology and innovation they used for the soakers...

We choose to use bamboo inserts rather than microfibers.  Reason : we do not know how sensitive would SRK's skin is.
Bamboo inserts would not dry the skin like the microfiber inserts. 

As for absorbency, it is advisable to combine the microfiber and bamboo or hemp.  Bamboo or hemp inserts absorbs 4 times more liquid than cotton.  

So for a start we bought 18 CDs so far.
  1. 3 cd covers + 7 bamboo + microfiber inserts (RM294 -econappy)
  2. 5 bamboo cd covers + 5 bamboo inserts + 5 microfiber inserts (BBSyok - RM200)
  3. 5 pcs Alva Printes Bamboo Charcoal pocket diapers + 5 pcs bamboo charcoal inserts + 5 microfiber inserts + 5 washable plain liners + free postage (LPG - RM185)
  4. 5 pcs bamboo printed CD Babyland brand + 10 bamboo inserts (LPG - RM150)
LPG is cheaper than BBsyok... but the quality from BBsyok is good too... I'm not sure whether it is better for i have to wait for SRK to wear them :D

Nanti nak tambah lagik :D

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mrs adam said...

saya anak 2 start pakai CD sbb terikut2 blogger2 rmi pkikan anak CD.hehe.mula2 sbb terikut2 je,pas dah berCD tu mmg rasa jimat sgt!penat skit sbb nak uruskan CD tu,tp bila buat hari2 ok anak2 dah free CD.hampir 2 tahun berCD (mei 2010-jan 2012),saya pakai jenama babyland je.hee

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