Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sayang asked whether can mak take care of me during the first 2 weeks of the confinement period before going back to Johor. i know it'd be hard for mak for mak has to take care of the children she babysits. Taking long leave may not be easy for her nor the children's parents. Kesian diorang.

Next would be my mother in law. No doubt that my mother in law can take good care of me. She knows all the Indian herbs and the use of it. But I do not want her to take care of me. She was a cancer patient and I do not want to trouble her. Taking care of a big demanding momma like me is hazardous to her life ...ekekekekek .... I do not want to hurt her feelings seeing me so upside down :D

Next would be my dear sis, Nor, SK's Mamanoe :D  She's young, not married, an engineer to be... kinda jobless :D ... (tunggu petronas panggil dalam tempoh 6 bulan), and know nothing about all the herbs nor the dos and the don'ts for women in confinement.  Dia tau kemas... masak (hangit gak) ... hehehe... tapi nak jaga gak dia kakak dia sorang nih.  Ala mamanoe... jaga org pantang nih masak senang ajer... semua rebus2 ajer :D Tapi boleh harap lah dia nak berzikir, bertasbih berdoa... baca yaasin ...boleh harap lah part2 tu :D Ala... with the help of technology we could definitely get some tips on how to take care during this crucial period of a new mummy kan... google... calling calling... and if we have the $$$$... just get someone professional to help out :D

Indian confinement and Malay confinement could be different...
We do have our own beliefs when it comes to confinement.  As long as i know ... my mom's confinement seemed to be so simple. She ate all the healthy food and avoided all the food under the cold category.  Bengkung was a must ... I remembered seeing her in her long pink color bengkung which she wrapped it around her for hours.  As for bertungku and massaging, a makcik urut would come to help her out. And still she did all the house chores and took care of the family  :D itulah mak saye :D Minum rebus akar kayu memang biasa... makan rebus2 pun dia buat jugak...

According to my MIL, Indian confinement seems to be more elaborate. Fishes with tiny bones are to be avoided for the bones could harm the baby during breastfeeding :D Baby lepas mandi akan mandi asap kemenyan as well to make sure the baby is kept warm all the time. A big pottu on the baby's forehead seems to be a must. It is said that the demons won't disturb the baby for the baby is no longer cute with the big pottu. For us the muslims... we just have  to read a few verses from the AlQuran to cast bad demons around us... the word of Allah the Mighty God is what the demons are afraid of, kan...?

Apa-apa pun... this is only for the first 2 weeks after delivery...then we are going back to Johor... for a  month to do akikah and other kenduris as well :D

Mamanoe... (Org paling jelas dalam gambor) yang dipanggil
untuk jaga mummy :D ... gambar from fb dia.. yang sedang enjoy meraikan
hari-hari terakhir sbg student utp....

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