Sunday, January 8, 2012



I've been using bio oil since i first got to know that I was pregnant.  I really wished to have a clean smooth belly skin like my sis.  Her tummy was so sexy ... even after giving birth to 4 children. When I asked her the secret of having sexy skin .. the reply was.... "Mmmmm tak ader apa-apa pun... bio oil minyak apa2 pun tak pakai... ".... haish... senangnya lah ... :D
Ini contoh perut seksi 

A week ago I wore a pair of stretchable pants. Stretchable kan... so i thought there'd be nothing to be worried about... Late in the evening, all of a sudden I felt great itchiness below the belly button ...  I thought I was the rashes known as hives (medically known as urticaria or kata orang melayu - gegata...)

Hives... gegata ... macam bekas kena gigit nyamuk yang BESOR

but to my surprise there were 2 crooked lines (an inch long) 'carved' on my tummy.

Sedih pulak saranya.... Sayang said "It's ok.... u r experiencing all the 'beauties' of becoming a mummy" ..
Hehehe... ada betul jugak katanya... so now I'm still using bio oil... i guess without the bio oil the stretchmarks could be worse kot...

Tomorrow is the beginning of  my 30th week of pregnancy :D Thank you Allah for blessing me with such a wonderful journey towards motherhood :D


Lady Mira said...

minggu ke 30 yeks? call lah vision college tu cepat2 buat appointment... :)

kirana nakia said...


ikanriang said...

alhamdulillah. best sangat :)

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