Sunday, December 25, 2011


Botol baby ... ayah pilih ... 

 Mr Wolverin ...

Mr Spidey ...

Untuk Mummy pun ader :D

Habuan hari ini :D

Barang Big Baby ... Transformers

Cloth Diapers ... 

Big Baby figuring out his toy ... 2nd level tu

After 3 hours of playing ... the bumblebee is still a robot

For Mummy ... mainan jana otak :D

Dr Brown's glass bottle. 1 bottle only ... but with 2 sleeves 

It's Christmas and sales are everywhere including our favorite 1U :D

The initial plan was to eat IKEA'S famous meatballs and to survey for baby's cot and to buy Sayang's Pöang Chair... but when we went there.. the traffic was so bad and so...we decided to have fun at 1Utama instead.  

So ... 
Sayang saw... Modernmom ... and said the I must have the maternity dress.... dia kata.. asyik  pakai 2 piece jer .... So, dapatlah dua pasang... There are 3 reasons why i prefer 2 piece  ... (1) Cheaper....(for people my size... Smaller size ladies could easily buy maternity dresses without having holes in their pockets) (2) I do not have to worry about the length of the dress.... Singkat nanti macam apa ajer pakai .... (3) tailoring needed.

And today we bought for Shahrukh Khan:
towels, blankets, baby tops, a changing mat, Dr Brown's glass bottle and accessories, cloth diapers (3 covers with 7 bamboo inserts), papa bag and plus yesterday ... at Mothercare we added .. 2 baby vests and a T saying "just like my daddy". Yang tu memang Daddy yag nak sangat :D

For Sayang....
I let him buy his favourite movie character the Bumblebee robot. He wanted the Optimus Prime but... I am very sure that the character is definitely the most sellable and the most sought after ones ... and thus it was not on the shelves. Sayang pun beli Rubrik... saja nak main2 kata nya. Toys for mummy ada jugak.... 1 ajer lah.... Soduku ... lepas nih tak payah pakai buku pensil eh

Mechtech's Optimus Prime

Today we surveyed prices for strollers, baby cot and medela breastpump.  Mahal la.... Medela breastpump was nearing RM2K. Stroller yang berkenan RM2K... Baby cot kat Enfants RM2K...erk...and without the mattress!!! Harga katil ala-ala double bed that we bought.. solid wood pun RM700 jer. So.... Sayang kata I boleh lah beli medela yang berharga RM1350 yang I jumpa kat online sini... Deposite RM500. Boleh lah bayar next week and dapat by Februari :D Barang lain ada sesapa nak sponsor? :D

Today was really tiring.... we went outing for nearly 4 hours (including being trapped in the traffic), tapi penat nya macam apa... Itu pun jalan banyak duduk nya .... makan jer dah 45 minit.
It shows that obviously with no exercise I'm am now physically weak. I must do light exercise esp for my upperbody. I do not plan to do any rigorous moves... just the safe ones... Ni jalan ni pun I made sure I took ventolin before and after jalan2. 

Penat... tapi tak nak cakap kat Sayang... jalan2 nih best tau :D

Later in my next entry, I'll tell why we bought Dr. Brown's feeding bottle :D 


Niza said...

Salam kak hanim.bestnye shopping :-).sy n hubby dh gi jmp dr.lin akupuntur tu ari jumaat n sabtu lps.hehe btl kata akk,kitaorg blur2 jgk apa yg dia try citer sbb dia dr china alhamdullilah fhm jgk akhirnya.sbb jauh,dia wat trus akupuntur 2 hari berturut,pastu dia bg ubat herba dia ada dlm 3 beg plastik besar.kena abiskan utk 2 rm870 utk 2 bln coz kami dok jauh,so next month xpyh dtg.dia kata kami ber2 jenis bdn sejuk n xde tenaga.sbb kuat minum dlu hsbnd akk ada kena urut skali kan,tp hsbnd sy xde lak.kena mintk bru dia urut ke kak?

Hanim Salleh said...

kalau nak urut pun ok gak. Pasal RM20 jer kalau tak silap.. lagi pun urut baik utk peredaran darah :D suami akk suka urut kat sana..

ikanriang said...

mane baju mummy? nak nenokk :D

Hanim Salleh said...

Mamanoe nak nenok???? Nnt jap eh... tunggu mami jejalan lelawo and amik gambor eh :D

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