Friday, December 30, 2011


Dapat lah jugak bercuti walaupun cuma dalam bilik.  Seronok sangat dapat ngadap sayang berhours2 :D

Tak ada pergi mana-mana pun. Pergi Ampang park yang 200 meter pun naik teksi :D

We stayed in Corus Hotel :D Best jugak :D

So...enjoy the pics :D

At the swimming pool

Nak gi makan

Ming Restaurant

yang ni sedap but i forgot the name

Desert... Sago laici ker apa gitu

Pancake tu memang fav

Kenyang makan jejalan sket bagi makanan
turun sket... jalanlah 20 meter 

masa balik from Ampang Park.. jalan pelan2. 
200 meter mengambil masa 30 minit..
coz banyak duduk

View from our room 808

Sekian :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So today again I had my checkup...

Hepi ajer pergi checkup... for I can always see my baby virtually :D

So as usual Sayang would go early in the morning to take the number... came back home to fetch me..

And today my cervix was worse than the last checkup. It was 2.7 cm from 3.2 cm. La.... takkan pergi kat Babyland SS2 yang kejap tu pun buat me like this....
pasal lipat baju menggunung ke 2 hari lalu..... lately nih my nesting instinct jadik makin ketara... operasi pertama...basuh baju (tekan button mesin), lipat baju... (sidai angkut semua kerja Sayang) ... angkut baju berlipat I buat :D Sort baju... like asing ikut kategori: baju ada harapan pakai dan baju takada harapan langsung...

And today my MC dipanjangkan lagik kepada 2 minggu until the next checkup which is on the 11th of Jan.
Hepi jugak dapat MC but kesian pulak dengan memember yang kena kerja for me.... kena relief for me... (kena belanja depa makan nih)

Dr Siti (yang cantik jelita) kata..."no shopping... if u wanna shop, go to the shop buy and go home! No window shopping, no long walk!"

Baby is now 1.36 kg... and mummy.... haish.... 3kg increase .... 82.1kg :(  Respond Dr Siti "WOW!!" And when we scanned the baby this time .... the boboi was so obvious :D

So now... since i have to REALLY limit my house works yang tak seberapa tu ... we checked in a hotel :D

Corus Hotel KL :D Notice the nasi bungkus near the bed side?? 
Coz tak boleh keluar.. kita bawak masuk makanan :D

It is just for a 2 nite stay ... away from home... with a new environment :D

Makan kat Ming Restaurant ... it is a halal Chinese Restaurant... 
The total cost was RM92 ... ok lah kan... itu pun semuanya tapau, including the desert..  baik makan utk 3 org ... 
(Gambor uplod nnt coz sini internet connection very lousy)

Sayang kata. "After the baby's born I do not think so I could pamper u this way. So kita enjoy dulu now. "

Entah bila lah dapat jalan lagi nnt.  

Sambil makan pun Sayang dah brangan ngan disinfect the whole house especially the baby's room...our room lah tu ...
Kena jemput assistant nih.... NOR TOLONG EH

Apa-apa pun .... 
Thanks Sayang

Sunday, December 25, 2011



Part briefcase tu yang tak tahan.... Sayang n I ketawa pecah perut !!!

Actually Sayang memang Sayang wanted to buy a bigger one ....

But we bought this...

Dah beli...then we saw this ....

+ RM50 from the upper one

"I could have bought this...." Sayang said...
"La.... balik kampung boleh lah... but not for outing to a shopping complex, " jawab I la...
"I'd rather drag this rather then leaving important things behind for the baby.  Everything may be important", kata Sayang pulak...

Mmmmm........ fussy kan?


Botol baby ... ayah pilih ... 

 Mr Wolverin ...

Mr Spidey ...

Untuk Mummy pun ader :D

Habuan hari ini :D

Barang Big Baby ... Transformers

Cloth Diapers ... 

Big Baby figuring out his toy ... 2nd level tu

After 3 hours of playing ... the bumblebee is still a robot

For Mummy ... mainan jana otak :D

Dr Brown's glass bottle. 1 bottle only ... but with 2 sleeves 

It's Christmas and sales are everywhere including our favorite 1U :D

The initial plan was to eat IKEA'S famous meatballs and to survey for baby's cot and to buy Sayang's Pöang Chair... but when we went there.. the traffic was so bad and so...we decided to have fun at 1Utama instead.  

So ... 
Sayang saw... Modernmom ... and said the I must have the maternity dress.... dia kata.. asyik  pakai 2 piece jer .... So, dapatlah dua pasang... There are 3 reasons why i prefer 2 piece  ... (1) Cheaper....(for people my size... Smaller size ladies could easily buy maternity dresses without having holes in their pockets) (2) I do not have to worry about the length of the dress.... Singkat nanti macam apa ajer pakai .... (3) tailoring needed.

And today we bought for Shahrukh Khan:
towels, blankets, baby tops, a changing mat, Dr Brown's glass bottle and accessories, cloth diapers (3 covers with 7 bamboo inserts), papa bag and plus yesterday ... at Mothercare we added .. 2 baby vests and a T saying "just like my daddy". Yang tu memang Daddy yag nak sangat :D

For Sayang....
I let him buy his favourite movie character the Bumblebee robot. He wanted the Optimus Prime but... I am very sure that the character is definitely the most sellable and the most sought after ones ... and thus it was not on the shelves. Sayang pun beli Rubrik... saja nak main2 kata nya. Toys for mummy ada jugak.... 1 ajer lah.... Soduku ... lepas nih tak payah pakai buku pensil eh

Mechtech's Optimus Prime

Today we surveyed prices for strollers, baby cot and medela breastpump.  Mahal la.... Medela breastpump was nearing RM2K. Stroller yang berkenan RM2K... Baby cot kat Enfants RM2K...erk...and without the mattress!!! Harga katil ala-ala double bed that we bought.. solid wood pun RM700 jer. So.... Sayang kata I boleh lah beli medela yang berharga RM1350 yang I jumpa kat online sini... Deposite RM500. Boleh lah bayar next week and dapat by Februari :D Barang lain ada sesapa nak sponsor? :D

Today was really tiring.... we went outing for nearly 4 hours (including being trapped in the traffic), tapi penat nya macam apa... Itu pun jalan banyak duduk nya .... makan jer dah 45 minit.
It shows that obviously with no exercise I'm am now physically weak. I must do light exercise esp for my upperbody. I do not plan to do any rigorous moves... just the safe ones... Ni jalan ni pun I made sure I took ventolin before and after jalan2. 

Penat... tapi tak nak cakap kat Sayang... jalan2 nih best tau :D

Later in my next entry, I'll tell why we bought Dr. Brown's feeding bottle :D 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The pay master




She is a true friend.  Willing to sacrifice herself for others.  My mount expedition buddy ... my comforter gasing friend .....

Met her first when we had our first Muafakat Camp at Air Keroh, Melaka.  Since then... we got closer and closer ... 

She was there when Sayang was in the ICU... always there to comfort me.... I nanges2 cam org giler...dia lah tukang pujuk....

Sayang bagi Ernice jer to drive his car.... Kawan I yang dia paling rapat pun Ernice jer....

So.... for her farewell we planned to give her a treat at Meatworks, Citta Mall Ara Damansara. Because of Ernice too my Sayang allowed me to walk a bit further .... a very short outing..... Thanks Sayang :D

Mummy sedey ...


Takper baby... nnt kita visit mama ernice eh... She's going to hav a ranch back in Sarawak. Mummy will invest some money there so that baby can play with horses, chickens, goats, cows.... but stay away from the cute puppies. 

Mama Ernice told us today that she is going to change her hobby from mountain climbing to caving, and biking ... Best jugak kan tu baby :D

Apa-apa pun... to my dear friend Ernice a/k Jipem .... (soksek soksek) take care.... don't noti there.... jangan lupa I!!! Luv u dear...

Kepada kekawan Ernice yang baru....
Do not bully her....
U must know that she is a great teacher....
She loves extra curricular activities .... volleyball, police cadet, camping memang dia expert..... A MASTER IN DRAMA SOCIETY .... 
She is a very loving person.....
She is not the person who can say NO easily (so do not take advantage of her)

Love you dear :D

Thanks for being a great friend of mine.

So here are the many2 faces of my dear friend ernice...

Took this pic coz it was not easy to see her in batik :D

The temple route : bukit gasing

Introducing me to ulams... the sarawakian style
Shown here is the Pucuk paku uban

Gigih cari pucuk paku ... seluar pendek... memang the mosquitoes loved her

Gasing Climbing tortured my shoes ..
Tortured?!!! KILLED MY SHOES!!

Our fav route : we named it Villa Ria....
Why? Coz there is an abandoned small house here... and
it is a 'heppy'place for the worms to have their 'convention' here.

Pucuk paku uban... 

and yes we collected Pucuk lemedin as well

With Anis :D Anor reluctant gasing buddy.... 
The one who would always ask "Bila nak sampai nih..???" or
would just say "Cikgu jahat... kata nak sampai tak lama lagik!!!"

With her sister... the pretty lisa

With Nor ... :D
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