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Ini scan 12 weeks...  untuk fetal nuchal translucency test, to detect problems like Downs Syndrome

My 23 weeks scan. Pics to 
examine the level of amniotic fluid.  Tpi the upper pics nampak baby clear jugak.

To check the gender..... and that's the BOBOY marked with an M... a male :D

and that is not the baby;'s head...but my Fibroid.... (sigh)


Last Friday around 1 am, I felt the baby was hardening inside me.... and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so often for big biz but nothing happened. I never thought that what I went through was a contraction that lasted for  nearly 2 hours. The pain subsided after I called mak for help and she advised me to read a few surahs and drink warm water. After I woke up the next morning, the pain was totally gone and  I told myself that it could be part of my beautiful journey. However,, to be on the safe side, we went to a nearest clinic and i was diagnosed with UTI. The baby was fine :D Sempat jugak tanya doc tu gender baby... doc cek then dia kata boy... memanglah tgk macam boy.. Doc asked "What do you think?" I jush said "Oh Doc... that could be the umbilical cord.."

On Sunday pulak I went out with Sayang to Mydin. I felt the pressure in my lower abdomen. Maklumlah... a baby is growing i n me so i should expect that feeling esp after a long walk.

Monday I went to school. But I did not walk much. I met Erice and she brought me out to her school. But still i did not walk much...  just a short tour.

Tuesday was however the opposite. I went out with Ernice again and this time we went for shopping for her clothes.  I walked alot!! And again i felt the pain. But again I told myself.... I had been walking for hours and definitely I had to expect this kind of  sensation.

Then came the long awaited 23 nov (Wednesday) for my  monthly checkup.  For the first time, Sayang could not come to accompany me but he promised to come for the scan in the afternoon.  I told Dr Siti all the pain and the checkup I had last Saturday. She assured me that my urine was clear but when she checked my cervix she told me that I might be having preterm labor for I am suffering from shortening of cervix. My cervix was 2cm only ( I did not know what she meant by 2cm). When she told me this I was lost... I lost all my senses for I was so worried. I did not hear her after that. What i heard was, no sex and ventolin. Plus 1 week MC no walking, but bed rest.  My next appointment would be next wednesday to check the cervix again. . . . . (sigh).  In the afternoon we went for the scan and the baby was fine. The sonographer gave us a cd packed with baby scan and clips. Those clips helped me to forget what I went through today...... ceria sket mummy ....

And today jugak macam lebih 50% confirmed baby nih bb boy :D

Once I reached home I googled for ventolin and found this. I have to know what i eat.... It did not answer my question but seemed like this lady had that same same worries I had. Nobody answered her :( 

THEN BACA NIH yang I dapat dari sini

Ventolin Salbutamol safe in pregnancy?


I am 25 weeks pregnant and my doctor noticed identified a contraction during a scan. She has prescribed me with Ventolin Salbutamol Sulphate 2mg for 15 days. Apparently she thinks I am at risk of premature delivery. i have been searching the net and found contradictory info abt using ventolin during pregnancy. Can you please advise if it is safe to use ventolin and would it actually address the premature birth problem??

It seems that ventolin is widely used among asthmatic patients. It is also used to stop labor before the 37 weeks. I do not know how this medication helps but I always believe that my doc know best for me. Most of the site i read mentioned ventolin to treat asthma and elaborated less when it comes to the use of it in pregnancy. If ventolin did not work i might have to do cerclage, a procedure to stitch a band of strong thread around  the cervix to reinforce it to help it closed. Buatlah apa-apa yang patut...asalkan selamat.

So right now.... i bd rest jer lah... jalan2 sket2 jer. Gi toilet and attack peti sejuk :D Solat pun duduk aja. 

Tapi hari ini i notice ada clear discharge pulak.  Clear discharge may indicate the rupture of the amniotic sac. Huhhuhuhuh... Tp tak bagi tau hubby lagi coz nak tgk dulu until tomorrow. Kalau esok masih clear cam putih telur dan bukan putih susu... i have to go to the hosp.....

Smoga slamat baby mummy ayah sorang nih Amiin.

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