Monday, August 8, 2011


I eat MOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't really stopped eating since morning. I was aware that I might have this problem and so I stocked my fridge with healthy foods such as fruits like the mini tomatoes, apples, as well as the dried fruits and nuts. The thing is.... when i feel nauseous, the best way to kill it is to EAT!! And.... my stock is now running low!  Kikikikiki.......... macam kata my BFF, masa pregnant makan apa pun semuanya best. Just imagine, oat yang tak berapa sedap dulu bertambah sedap sekarang!!

One of the symptoms of being pregnant is the frequent trip to the bathroom.  Trip ni bukan untuk yang kecik juga yang besar.  Am suffering from diarrhea and it seems that diarrhea is common during early pregnancies.  I am ok with this relying to the fact that what I eat is digested faster and out of my body sooner.

Next symptom is the dryness of my skin. Gatal jugak...... i tried to pun some ointment. However after I did some reading, putting ointment might be harmful for the unborn baby.  The best is to drink more water and it does help.  

Dry skin during pregnancy is usually brought on by a loss of bodily fluids. That’s because your body is quite literally sucking you dry so that it can provide all the necessary hydration for your baby’s development. In fact, because your need for bodily fluids are increasing so much, it is nearly impossible to keep up, leading to dehydration on your skin and extremities. (from

So... no wonder lah kan?

Tapi paling I suka (pun kena jugak lawan nafsu ini) ialah bangun malam untuk tahajjud.  Mest bangunlah 2-4 am.  Selagi tak tahajjud tak boleh tidur.  Tapi selalu aja bila dah bangun malas pulak nak bertahajjud..... siap bole lawan lagi... dan tidolah jugak akhirnya.  Tapi malas tahajjud ni kena buang. Mesti ada sebab dibangunkan untuk bertahajjud masa ini.

Ok that's all for today's entry..... 

p/s : buat masa ini.... tak ramai lagi yang tau pasal this good news ... including my friends and family. Kata org tunggu bb dah kuat baru bagi tau.

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