Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Meh lah kita share......

I've been married for 12 years and conceiving was not easy for me.  My Sayang and I had tried various ways from the traditional massage, seeing the ustaz and to modern medical assistance.  I've tried IUI for 4 times and it did not work for me.  Besides that, we were the favourites among those who run the MLM business. My friends would introduce me with various expensive products ranging from the ones that you have to spray under your tongue to wellness packages...... The cost for 20 day consumption would be RM600 - RM800 and after 3 months trying out the product we tend to give up.  We had tried Zhullian (damn expensive), AMWAY, BIOSPRAY, ALKEN, and banyak lagi lah...... Kalau campur kosnya boleh buat IVF gitu.

Finally, I decided to try using another alternative that was very alien to my culture: acupuncture.  It started when I googgled for ways to enhance my IUI treatment and I found someone (not from Malaysia) tried blending IUI treatment and acupuncture at the same time.  The treatment worked well for her and she was blessed with a set of twins. I went to see my gynea but she advised me not to blend the treatment for the modern medication and the chinese herbs might give different reaction to my body.  She also admitted that she was unfamiliar with the treatment.....  So.... I knew about this acupuncture near PJ Old Town the place where I love to do my pasar activity.... After came back from buying our groceries one day, I asked sayang to just stop by at the acupuncture clinic which was actually an old corner house near the main road to checked it out.  We never thought that would be our first acupuncture treatment as well.

According to the Acupuncturist, Dr. Lin from China, my womb was very cold..... thus, what ever modern treatment that I took would never be a success for the womb was not healthy according to the chinese practice.  The eggs might be fertilised but it would be impossible for implantation. That was what she said.....

So I tried acupuncture for the last 9 months. WHAT! 9 MONTHS??!!! Yes 9 months...... BECAUSE within that period my Sayang was admitted in the ICU for suffering from Acute Pneumonia... Actually, we did use acupuncture to treat him too.... and treating pneumonia using acupuncture helped him a lot to recuperate faster. However, his body still needed ample time to be 100% healthy after being in the ICU for a week.  During that  period of time, I never stopped my treatment.

Every visit, I'd have needles poked into my tummy or at the navel area.  The area was also heated for an hour. As for Sayang, he'd be poked to....So at this time, Sayang and I would just lie next to each other and SLEPT..... And after every procedure.... we'd be damn hungry and we'd eat like hungry horses.... and the choice would be the Indian shop for banana leaf food... (banana leaf kan nasi dan lauknya banyak).

For the first 3 months, I had acupuncture 2 times a month and had it once a  month only afterwards.

Every acupuncture procedure was only RM20 per person.

As for the herbs, we bought it from a nearby Chinese Sen Seh Shop around Old Town area.  It was cheap too.... the  prices ranged from RM7 to RM16.  Do not go to the expensive Chinese Eu Yan Sang shops... 1 set alone was more than RM20 to RM40... and you need around 14 sets. You do the maths......

Every month we would spend around RM250.  My Sayang loved to go there especially when he had a demanding week.  He would go there almost every week for the traditional massage or just to be poked to be distressed.

Compare with these:
IUI procedure costs me RM1300 per cycle and I took 4 times. The hormone jabs helped me to increase my weight. 3 kg per 12 kgs!!

IVF treatment the cheapest is RM15, 000 per cycle and you need to safe up to RM45,000. (More expensive than the cost of a low cost apt that I bought with ROI 20% a year).

And here I spent less that RM3000 and the result is very positive... total body wellness and a baby is growing in  me :D

Itulah Allah yang ingin meninggikan darjat kita melalui kesabaran kita terhadap ujiannya.  The greater the test, the bigger the merit.  That was what I kept on telling myself.  So, I had to wait longer (9 months).  There were other couples who joined the treatment with us and they did not have to wait long.  Most of them got pregnant after 2 - 3 months doing the procedure.  They were lucky.  My point here is...... U might not have to wait long like me.....

I was about to give up.... I told Sayang that after the month of Ramadhan, I wanted to blend the acupuncture treatment with the modern treatment, IUI, before proceeding to IVF.  Sayang asked me to be patient for he did not want me to inject myself with the hormones which could be harmful in the long run unlike the chinese herbs which are safer than the modern medications.... and while I was mentioning this.... I never knew that the fertilisation and implantation were taking place quietly in my womb... ALHAMDULILLAH.... ALLAH IS GREAT.....

So, readers..... I hope this could help you a lot .... Why not try acupuncture? It does not hurt at all..... percaya lah..... And what ever religion you are, please do not forget to pray and the most important thing is to not to stop trying.



First of all... i'd like to wish Sayang Happy Birthday. Thanks for the enjoying weekend and I am looking forward for our short vacation next weekend.


Hari ini hari yang paling sibuk buat diriku. Tomorrow is the state level drama competition. So today I had to prepare all the paperwork for tomorrow. . . Among the items that need to be prepared were the script copies (5 copies) for the judges, permission letters from school and the jabatan, indemnity forms, and the check list. I am a bit disappointed for my students handed me incomplete forms. So.. it took me the whole afternoon to call  their parents and filling in the forms for my students. My senior assistant was so helpful today for helping me to check the forms for me.  Thanks Kak Fari. Thanks for being so patient... I know I am a hay-wired person.  AND AGAIN .....I am so lucky to have my dear friend Ann for being so understanding. She has helped me a lot with the drama team and I just have to do the paperwork besides attending the everyday practice. . . Not to forget my students 6AS/T for being so understanding. They didn't mind having their class in the hall.... kesian diaorang... tak per guys... I'm doing this for the school jugak kan? And for school means for you too.....

But sad to say.... there are people who do not understand the commitment that I have. La..... I'm not only teaching the form six alone but I'm teaching form 4 as well.  Persatuan yang I handle pun ada 3 pulak tu...... I do not make noise regarding the work that i have.... but I'm  making noise because there are people who thought that I am so free to go online all the time even in school.  Let me tell u sth..... if i switch on my laptop, it will automatically search for the internet connection and thus my gtalk would automatically be activated as well.... tapi..... that does not mean that I chat and surf the net all the time!!!! I do not log on to FB till late night..... unlike some people who love FB so much so that every notices that particular person is online all the time.... reason... work.  And that particular work should be delegated but not to be conquered by a person!! (The particular work and the AJK dah kena buang dari duty yang diberi).....

Saja aja nak melepaskan perasaan...... GERAM....Sapa baca memang tak paham...... pasal dia tak akan paham hujung pangkal criter nih......

Monday, August 8, 2011


I eat MOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't really stopped eating since morning. I was aware that I might have this problem and so I stocked my fridge with healthy foods such as fruits like the mini tomatoes, apples, as well as the dried fruits and nuts. The thing is.... when i feel nauseous, the best way to kill it is to EAT!! And.... my stock is now running low!  Kikikikiki.......... macam kata my BFF, masa pregnant makan apa pun semuanya best. Just imagine, oat yang tak berapa sedap dulu bertambah sedap sekarang!!

One of the symptoms of being pregnant is the frequent trip to the bathroom.  Trip ni bukan untuk yang kecik juga yang besar.  Am suffering from diarrhea and it seems that diarrhea is common during early pregnancies.  I am ok with this relying to the fact that what I eat is digested faster and out of my body sooner.

Next symptom is the dryness of my skin. Gatal jugak...... i tried to pun some ointment. However after I did some reading, putting ointment might be harmful for the unborn baby.  The best is to drink more water and it does help.  

Dry skin during pregnancy is usually brought on by a loss of bodily fluids. That’s because your body is quite literally sucking you dry so that it can provide all the necessary hydration for your baby’s development. In fact, because your need for bodily fluids are increasing so much, it is nearly impossible to keep up, leading to dehydration on your skin and extremities. (from

So... no wonder lah kan?

Tapi paling I suka (pun kena jugak lawan nafsu ini) ialah bangun malam untuk tahajjud.  Mest bangunlah 2-4 am.  Selagi tak tahajjud tak boleh tidur.  Tapi selalu aja bila dah bangun malas pulak nak bertahajjud..... siap bole lawan lagi... dan tidolah jugak akhirnya.  Tapi malas tahajjud ni kena buang. Mesti ada sebab dibangunkan untuk bertahajjud masa ini.

Ok that's all for today's entry..... 

p/s : buat masa ini.... tak ramai lagi yang tau pasal this good news ... including my friends and family. Kata org tunggu bb dah kuat baru bagi tau.



Alhamdulillah... finally, I am pregnant.  it has been a very long wait...12 years of waiting.
I believed that I was 4-5 week pregnant for my last mestrual cycle was on th 13th June 2011.  Being curious, I did some googling and found these pictures on how would the embryo look like.

We did our pregnancy home test and clearly it showed that I'm BFP.  Around this time, our worry was that whether the embryo had reached the uterus or got stucked at the fallopian tube.  So, to be 100% sure, Sayang made an appointment with the most busiest gynea at Subang Jaya Medical Center named Dato' Dr Siti Zaleha. Sayang did ask the receptionist for the busiest gynecologist around.... (Sayang, kalau busy sangat... bila lah I dapat jumpa Dr tu.....)

So, the appointment was made and we waited for 5 hours for the doctor.  With in that waiting period, she delivered 4 babies :D

AND this is my baby at week 4-5 with the yolk sac or the gestational sac measuring 11mm :D

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