Sunday, June 5, 2011


School holidays started a week ago and I did not plan anything for our yearly vacation for my sayang was so busy with his court cases. Luckily I had my drama practice this week and that could atleast help me to kill the time and the boredom that i suffered so far. Tapi... my Sayang told me the happy news on Thursday night when I was supposed to go for my drama practice tomorrow morning. Easily he said " Just cancel everything and let's go to Kuala Selangor". Amboi!!! Senangnya buat planning!  I came home quite late after visiting my dear friend Hafida who was admitted at SJMC. 

We left home to Kuala Selangor around 5.00 pm. Before that I called 5 hotels and chalets but the places were fully booked.  I told Sayang and he said "We'll sleep in the car". The journey from Pj was nearly 2 hours for we did not really know the way. We took the Sungai Buloh road from NKVE. Then, from the Kuala Selangor town we went straight to Bukit Melawati and Taman Alam  to head our way to Kuala Selangor Chalet at Jalan Tanjung Keramat but to our disappointment the chalet was closed. Around the area there was another Hotel (De'palma Hotel and Chalet). We would like to try our luck and the luck was really on our side when the lady told us that there was 1 and only room left.... the deluxe room which was big enough to accommodate 3 people. HIHIHIHIHIHI......3 separate single beds.... No honeymoon sayang..... The Room costs us RM190. With aircond but no water heater (the water is warm enough for me) and no Astro channels (but that's ok for Sayang preferred watching his favorite Ironman on TV3 and I was too tired to watch the program).

DePalma Chalets

After we checked in and after we performed of Maghrib, we had to hunt for food. But before that, we planned to feast our eyes with the beauty of the night with the famous fireflies. We searched for Kelip-kelip Kampung Kuantan which is situated approximately 15 km from the chalet. Once we reached there we booked a boat just for the two of us which cost us RM40. A boat is for 4 person and the cost per head is RM10 actually. We were given free mineral water to quench our thirst during the 45 minutes boat ride. 

Our Pakcik boat (he refused to tell his name) was a very nice and a knowledgeable person too. He told us everything about fireflies. He is the boatman for the tourist for nearly 30 years. I could sense that he loves his job so much. And I could also guess that he loves photography too for he advised Sayang how to take photos of the fireflies there. Since we did not own a sophisticated camera with us.... so we could not take or record any. Tak aper.... kita tumpang gambar lain :D
The beauty of the night. Allah's creation. Subhanallah. 

This is a firefly.... :D

After feasting or eyes, it was time to feast our growling tummies. I remembered a restaurant I went for a school trip at Pasir Penambang and Alhamdulillah...the restaurant,  named Riverside Restaurant , was not far from our hotel . It was a Chinese seafood restaurant. There were quite a number of muslims eating here. Sayang and I ate a lot. We ordered Assam Steam Fish, Butter crabs, soft shell crab, fried kailan, fried egg oyster and fried prawn mantis. And all this for only RM98. So cheap!!!! The dishes were enough for 4 but only the 2 of us ate. We must be very hungry.. :D 

The breakfast at the hotel was not that good. It was a buffet but we did not enjoy the food at all. It was not tasty. The best is just to go out to a mamak restaurant at the roundabout and enjoy his roti canai and teh tarik. I know that mamak restaurant for I've been there for a couple of times for my school trip. ... Percayalah....jangan buang masa makan dalam hotel.

We left the hotel around 12.30 in the afternoon. Before heading back to PJ we had our lunch at a Malay Restaurant named Restauran Kuala Selangor. There were wide varieties of Malay dishes here. I enjoyed eating my fav catfish and the stuffed squid. Both of us ate for RM18. Ok lah tu.... We took 3 to 4 dishes each... that was why it was a bit expensive. 

We arrived home at 3.30pm and continued our weekend at home watching 4 movies..... jadiklah....

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