Sunday, May 15, 2011


I really need a pair of new court shoes... but i had never imagined myself buying 3 pairs!!! I admit that I was carried away.... Who could resist Clarks Sales? 

I went to Corus Hotel on Friday right after school. I arrived at the hotel around 2 pm and the queue was so long... it was up to the lobby!! I waited for 30 minutes to go inside the hall. While waiting, I noticed Clarks' Fan carrying their bags of shoes. I saw a family bought a total of 14 pairs.... (I counted all the shoe boxes the Clarks' Fan carried for there was nothing else to do :D  ) It gave me the impression that the shoes were very cheap.... but it was not that cheap but affordable. Most of the designs were RM150 or RM160. Men's shoes - ranging from RM100 - 250. I wanted to buy the boots which was going for RM160 only but it was out of order. The W1 booth for the ladies was so awful. The booth was small and was under staffs. The crowd was so big and we tried our best to get the staffs' attention and thus the noise was unbearable. It was not easy to try out the shoes. When I was trying, someone kicked my shoe and I was pushed away from the table. It took me sometime to get my shoe. Heheheh....... My advice is that one must really know his or her size before ordering. My normal size is 8 or 9 but UK size is smaller. So I bought size 6 or 7 depending on the design. 

Buying shoes here is not like buying at the boutique where you can choose whichever shoes that your heart desire. Here, you have to ask for the shoes which are available. I had to even ask them to show me all the available shoes with size 6 and 7, but to my dismay, the staffs could not attend to my request for the crowd was too big and there were some other similar request from others too. 

Apa-apa pun, I am happy with the shoes I bought. I even bought for raya too. I really hope that they would last for 3 years and I hope that I would only buy when only I need them badly..... (I do not think so... for i believed that there would be more sales in the future). Hahahah... ada pernyataan kesal pasal terbelanja lebih :D


ikanriang said...

kanim, i really like the grey one. cam b :) tapi clarks kalo dapat 150 for court shoes memang da murah gila babai la kan?

Hanim Salleh said...

heheheh... the grey one mmg cantik. tp kaki sakit sikit..kena biasa sket..but the other 2.. FULLAMAK!!!!! BEST GILER!!!!

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