Thursday, February 25, 2010


Finally we went to see our gynea yesterday. It was a very busy day though... The students' result was out, kak norli's retirement makan-makan and Sayang had court.

The purpose for going there was to ask for the procedure plus we wanted to confirm the over all costs for the procedure. And as i expected she told us that the cost would mount up to RM12K-13K. Alamak.... mana nak cekau duit nih.... I was wishing tht d dr would say..."Mmm ...ala.... RM5K jer..." Btw... ada sesapa nak sponsor ;)

Since Uni Hosp does not have the lab facility, thus the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer procedure is done at HUKM. My gynea would be monitoring the development of the eggs here in UH while the HUKM embryologist would be monitoring the fertilisation of the eggs. Mmmm... my gynea did tell me that she is also doing the oocyte pick up (OPU) in HUKM. However... this troublesome so called leceh arrangement by UH and HUKM would be over by June when people like me can enjoy 100% IVF treatment by UH. So... no need to travel far for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures...

The question now is..... am I waiting until August to have my procedure??? Looks like it coz I do not have the RM to do it now... kan.....

Tunggu jer lah.... kot......

Like Bala told me yesterday.... all of them are my children... so just enjoy what i have now.


ikanriang said...

am always praying for here :)

my beloved sister has a strong heart, and Allah will give her something for reward. She just need to keep praying, and don't give up.

Allah has a better plan for you.
In fact, the best :)

saaayang kak nim =)

Hanim Salleh said...

Heheheh tq..
Ni lagi sorang adik cum anak :D

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