Saturday, February 27, 2010


Sayang brought me to watch a movie today. The plan was to watch Percy Jackson however it was fully booked. So, I told my Sayang that I did not mind watching Book of Eli even though I had not watched the thriller before. The title sounds so mysterious and the word Eli sounds so religious to me (In Hebrew it means High; Arabic 'Ali' it means Noble, The Highest) . The poster looked so violent though, hence I told Sayang "Just buy the ticket".

It was a good movie. It reminds me the revelation of the Al-Quran. It reminds me the importance of memorizing the holy scriptures by Allah before it disappears. Only those with good memory and strong will could memorise It. I asked my sis whose friend is studying in a religious school on how he manages to memorise the verses. It seems that, to memorise sth holy is definitely not easy. One has to sacrifice a lot. One has to take care of his food. Avoid harem food and one must know the source of the food (not stolen food for an eg). One must not sinned. One must have a clean heart. And for sure one has to work with patience and be persistent.

As a Muslim, I do strongly believe in AlQuran. The AlQuran given to Muhammad (PBUH) is a book of Guidance and can give comfort to whoever reads it and practice it. It is the book of truth. As mentioned in Surah Al-Kahfi :
Praise be to Allah, Who hath sent to His Servant (Muhammad PBUH) the Book (Al-Quran), and hath allowed therein no Crookedness:

Eli, in this story, followed what was instructed to him by the voiced in his head. The world was exactly like during the jahilliyah period and people are thirst for guidance. They need the book which was hard to find for all the holy scriptures were burnt during a big war. The scenario is possible to happen especially when more and more people deny the existence of God and believe more in science (Infidels such as the Atheist, Agnostic, Naturalism and many more). All the holy books were perished during this war and it happened that Eli had the one and only Bible left behind. The Bible that he read everyday was actually a braille one. End of the story, we know that somehow Eli managed to go to the west and had a writer rewrite the holy scripture that he cited before he died. He hoped that what he memorised could bring back the civilization to the people.

AlQuran as the Muslims know was meant to bring back civilization to the Arabs and to all human in general. The barbaric phase of life which know as Jahilliyah was a phase where women and baby girls were buried alive for having a girl was seen as not lucky. This barbaric and inhumane act is surprisingly still being practiced in the modern day where baby girls was not the preferred gender for some parents (My adopted unties were given away to my granma coz they are girls. Thank to Allah that they were not killed). Mmm ... why do I say this? Well... throughout the movie, women were treated badly by the men except for Eli for 'he is the man' :D

The Holy AlQuran was given to Muhammad(PBUH) who did not know how to read and write. The Jibrail taught him to read and revealed to him the secret of the universe (See Science in Islam). In Muhammad's world, technologies like now were far fetched. So... it would be impossible for him to know the creation of the universe, life and other knowledge without the help of technology. Thus, AlQuran is definitely a complete book for knowledge and as well as for the soul.

No matter how far we go, no matter how rich one could be, religion plays a very important role in one's life. Without a religion, one tends to be lost even though he is very rich in other means. Only religion can fill the emptiness of the heart and for me AlQuran plays an important role to make one's life complete.

I really recommend all to watch this movie. The movie however might offend those who do not believe in god. In fact, the movie reviews that I read from a website sounded so negative. As for those who believe and choose not to believe in the Holy Scriptures.... Beware!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Finally we went to see our gynea yesterday. It was a very busy day though... The students' result was out, kak norli's retirement makan-makan and Sayang had court.

The purpose for going there was to ask for the procedure plus we wanted to confirm the over all costs for the procedure. And as i expected she told us that the cost would mount up to RM12K-13K. Alamak.... mana nak cekau duit nih.... I was wishing tht d dr would say..."Mmm ...ala.... RM5K jer..." Btw... ada sesapa nak sponsor ;)

Since Uni Hosp does not have the lab facility, thus the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer procedure is done at HUKM. My gynea would be monitoring the development of the eggs here in UH while the HUKM embryologist would be monitoring the fertilisation of the eggs. Mmmm... my gynea did tell me that she is also doing the oocyte pick up (OPU) in HUKM. However... this troublesome so called leceh arrangement by UH and HUKM would be over by June when people like me can enjoy 100% IVF treatment by UH. So... no need to travel far for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures...

The question now is..... am I waiting until August to have my procedure??? Looks like it coz I do not have the RM to do it now... kan.....

Tunggu jer lah.... kot......

Like Bala told me yesterday.... all of them are my children... so just enjoy what i have now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3D animation of how IVF works

A great video to show how does IVF work.

IVF? (part 2)

IVF procedure

Fertilised eggs

Esok patutnya gi UH tp entah lah.... Sayang sibuk sangat pulak.... Court ajer memanjang.... submission tak sudah2...

so... rasanya I'm going to call the nurse in charge tomorrow to set a date. Ari Isnin OK ker? Sayang kata OK. The thing is... I'm scared.... scared of another failing procedure. But I know that I have to keep on trying. Yes I will try but my Sayang.... busy all the time... I always thought that school holidays would always be the best time for me to do my IVF but not for my Sayang. I ajer yang cuti but he's not... amacam!!??? Masa kerja susah sikit... Stress lagi teruk... kena marah ngan bos.... kerja tak siap.... yang paling best during school days is my time with Ernice. Jungle trekking lah apa lagi. I find that jungle trekking has really help me a lot to combat my silly stupid feeling plus the prayers. I love to push myself a bit more when racing up the hill. Definitely Ernice will win for she runs up the hill. :D I ni lembek sket.... but the best is to challenge myself.... Everytime i go there i'll tell myself to raise my legs higher from the ground... (Kaki i ni malas nak melangkah... so slalulah tergesel2 kat betis sampai trek kotor giler.... tersadung akar kayu sampai buat i melatah tak sudah2 and buat ernice panic jer... takut2 I terjatuh....) Biler cuti sekolah cam sekarang nih... mulalah i jadik cam kucing nak branak... Mmmm because of this my Sayang would call me Si Chomel ... hohoho so... i Panggillah dia Si Tam.... Heheheheh

IVF.....Now my heart is heavy... I'm feeling so depressed... but I shouldn't be... I memang takut pun kalau tak jadik... Tak ada duit lah.... Tapi nak sangat ada anak tuh.... Ari tu I called my sis telling me her scary news which would be my good news la (kalau i lah...). Dia plak panic kalau pregnancy test kit tu ada dua line. Bila ada 2 line mula lah dia buat tah apa stunt bior jadik 1 line balik!!! Mmmm senang benor insan yang macam rabbit nih.... I lak susah nak merabbit kan diri.

So... I memang akan realisasikan appoimen minggu depan.... Meanwhile I have to do some readings.. I need to know the chances on how to increase the success rate ... ini termasuklah...

1. Jaga makan... Since i can easily feel depressed... it is recommended for me to eat bananas. Pisang.... is rich of fiber, potassium, tryptophan and vitamin C. Tryptophan is a protein that converts to serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that helps to exchange signals in the brain cells. Well I do desperately need this for I am always depressed... for i strongly belief that my serotonin is quit low. Low level of serotonin will cause one to have mood swings and depression. In this case.. it is advised for me to eat a banana everyday esp in the morning. Further more... boleh kurangkan masalah sembelit... high in fiber kan....
Sengaja letak gambor pisang yang cantik2... cantik pisang nih... buat gue lapor!!!

2. Moderate exercise. Mmm i do not know whether naik Gasing is moderate exercise for me or not.... My friends say "Naik gasing tak bagus kalau nak ada baby! U R straining your womb!!" Mmmm ... so frankly... I'm telly u tht My Gasing trekking 3 times a week is ok with me... 2 times for an hour and 1 time for 3 hours. Mungkin lepas nih.... 2 kali kot seminggu and amik route 1 jam jer...

3. I think I should try acupuncture as well. Study shows that acupuncture could help to increase IVF success rate. So, I think I'd like to try the one at Jalan Gasing. Manalah tau boleh membantu. Thinking about needles all over my body dah buat bulu roma meremang!!!

4. Supplements... iron... acid folic... all these are vital against birth defects. Tentulah jika dengan izin Allah kita tentu nak anak2 yang sihat

5. Doa... jangan lupa doa... berbuat baik kat orang pun juga ala-ala doa bagi I... solat malam.... dan apa-apa yang bersamaan dengannya.

Semoga menjadik lah I nyer harapan dan doa untuk menjadik ibu.... Amiin
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