Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Mush-mush from Abhi and Deepika.

My Teratai 07 (Kehadiran 9/16)

Macam kat sekolah lak...amik gambor ada kerusi.

Sam... the poser...
just got to know tht she is Tiiben's gf.
(Cikgu lambat lah...)

The surprise

A small gift for Lee Yean.

Mmmm ... a few days ago Deepika called. Nak jumpa kekawan ala-ala reunion... Me? OK aja... at the same time they wanted to celebrate Lee Yean's b'day.

After so long not seeing them, today I met Deepika n Abhi, Callie, Yuen Yim, Kar Mun, Sasee, Sam, Tiiben, and Yuen Yim. And today too... I heard 'The Ultimate Laugh'!! Siapa lagi kalau bukan Kar Mun. Mmm...terubat jugak rindu tengok mereka. Semua nya dah besar-besar.... Siap belanja Cikgu makan lagi kat Chillies. Abhi will be leaving for Russia next week... so this weekend is the best time to get together and catch up. My students... they are still the same Teratai students. I wish that others could make it too.... Tak apa... lain kali agaknya... I am still wondering macam mana agaknya Wen Thye, Thurga, Ashleigh, Mun Yi and Lili. (Lupa lagi nama 2 orang member teratai)

Abhi bagi ole-ole from Russia... Sth "Mush-mush" I've forgotten the way to pronounce it already. It is a doll in side a doll... there are 4 dolls inside a big doll... tengok ajer gambar tuh.... hehehhehh... Hopefully I'd be more fertile. Ahhaah

I also asked him whether he knows Vicky or not.. and he said "YES!" Sounds like my Vicky is very active too... mana taknya... He is the president of Malaysia Student studying in Russia (sth like that lah).

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