Sunday, July 26, 2009


Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Wah!! Today is already the fifth day of me taking the hormone jab and my 8th day of my menstrual cycle. Side effects: I feel so bloated... Like yesterday.. for breakfast I had my soy nutrizhi and spirulina cereal, I just ate chicken rice for lunch, and rice with my favourite fried squid and sambal for dinner; a complete meal for the day... At night I felt 1 kind... as if all the fat were forming around my face and thighs. Abih lah... tripple chin lah lepas nih.. Sekarang pun dah double chin! Macam baru lepas makan durian gitu rasanya.... Furthermore, I kinda of having good exercise yesterday. Yelah.... masuk hutan Seri Cahaya tu besar tau!!

Mmmm.... I had the same amount of food today. Nothing extra. And I had the same effect too. Mmmm. macam nie cepatlah gemook....

Today my Sayang bought for me a few new blouses. Huhuhu XL pun dah tak muat nih.... Then I told him, "Sayang, cepat-cepat kita ada baby then cepat-cepat hantar I for slimming therapy eh." And he answered "Itu wajib.... for sure I'll send you because you'll look bigger after giving birth." HAHAHAHHAHA....

Tomorrow is my next appointment; somewhere around 2pm. Sayang is coming along. So..I'll update tomorrow.

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