Monday, April 13, 2009


Being the second in the family of seven, I have a big responsibility to change the meaning of poverty that my forefathers inherit me. The eldest has already sacrificed her ambition to be a professional worker in order to help the family. My father, a retrenched, could not get a proper job for the job demand is focusing more in hiring younger people. It is a norm to hear what my neighbours would sarcastically say to my excellent academic result. “Pandai tapi miskin tak jauh ke mana…” or to be translated that would mean, being smart won’t bring you anywhere if you are poor. The remark from the neighbours always hurts me but at the same time it acts as a reverse psychology to push me to go further. I will achieve my dreams and prove it to them that I can go further in many ways as long as I work hard.
Being a minority in a town school, I always feel like a dwarf among the giants. Being a best friend to a daughter of a lawyer and a classmate to daughters and sons of engineers, doctors and other professionals, I leveled myself and make my minority proud. With thick skin, I talk in the language that is required for me to master the tough subjects namely Science and Mathematics.

Namun, aku tetap bersyukur kerana aku berjaya mendapat 3 A dan 5 B dalam PMR. Kematanganku dalam melalui godaan remaja membuktikan bahawa aku boleh lebih berjaya dengan memperoleh 5A1, 3A2 dan 1C5 dalam SPM.


ikanriang said...

bile hati ikhlas, tak putus mengharap berkat, Allah stiase tolong =)

sedih bace esei ni. tapi dlm mase yg same rase kagum, bangge dgn semangat die. i believe that she'll always do the best in her life =)

and, it is her spirit that inspires me a lot skarang =)

Hanim Salleh said...

yes sis!

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